Solve challenging problems to win

Bioinformatics Contest 2017

The Bioinformatics Contest is an intensive programming competition among individuals.
1 week
January 23 – 29
24 hours
February 18
Molecular Biology
Computer Science
Machine Learning

You will need to solve bioinformatics problems using programming.
The goal is to correctly solve as many problems as possible within 24 hours. Some of them will be approximation problems and will have partial grades.
All rounds will be held online, submissions will be auto-graded in real time.

See FAQ for more details.

1st prize:
Genetic Engineering Home Lab Kit or Whole Exome Sequencing

2nd and 3rd prizes:

23andMe Health + Ancestry DNA Service and
(DIY Bacterial Gene Engineering CRISPR Kit or Engineer Your Own Green Fluorescent Yeast Kit)

4th and 5th prizes:
DIY Bacterial Gene Engineering CRISPR Kit or
Engineer Your Own Green Fluorescent Yeast Kit

Contest Team
Vitalii Demyanyuk
ITMO University
Anna Malova
Saint Louis University School of Medicine, ITMO University
Ilya Zban
ITMO University
Grigory Shovkoplyas
ITMO University
Anton Garder
ITMO University
Artem Vasiliev
ITMO University
Vitalii Aksenov
ITMO University
Developers Coordinator
Alexey Sergushichev
ITMO University
Developers Coordinator
Made by experts
Bioinformatics Contest problem sets are developed by the team from ITMO University — the only 6-time winner of the world's top programming competition and an alma mater to the most of the top ranked competitive programmers.
Nikolay Vyahhi
Stepik & Rosalind
Ekaterina Vyahhi
Bioinformatics Institute
Aleksandra Panteleeva
Bioinformatics Institute
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